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"Mum, can I go out with my friends?" you asked. The mid-year exams had finally come to an end and Naruto and Gaara decided to hang out at the local internet café.

"Where to?" you mother asked curious?

"The internet café…" you replied.


"Ok! Wait, what? Come on! Why not?"

"They sell drugs there! Of course you can't go! And that is final. Why don't you go out with Sakura and Ino? I think they are going to the movies today…" your mother trailed off.

"Fine mum. I'll going to tell Naruto and Gaara UNFORTUNATELY I'm not going…" you made a face. Who would want to hang out with Sakura and Ino? They were gossipers and you were definitely not the gossiping type. Ok, you have to agree you liked listening in into their gossips and know what is happening around the school, but sometimes… sometimes any gossip that goes through their ears and out of their mouths can be over exaggerated and well, out of hand.

You walked out of the house and walked up to Gaara and Naruto.

"Ne~! What did you mother say? We can go game right?" Naruto was practically jumping on the spot. He looked like he had ants in his pants.

You sighed, "mum- "

"NOOOOOOOOOOO… buts it's after the exams!" whined Naruto.

"Mum said they sell drugs there-"

"You know they don't!" whined Naruto.

"Well you know my mum…" you grumbled.

"Gaara! Say something!"

Gaara stayed silent. His dark rimmed eyes held no emotion.

You looked down to the ground. "I guess I'll see you around guys… I'm gonna go back-"

"You can come over to my place." A deep melodic voice suggested.

Your head perked up. Did Gaara just say something? He would usually stay silent even when he was gaming or having lunch at school.

You looked at him. "Sorry?"

Gaara frowned. "Kankuro won an Xbox." With that he said no more.

"Um… well.. er…" you were uneasy. You rarely spoke to Gaara unless it was about class work. Even with classwork you barely had anything to say.

"Come with us!" nagged Naruto. He clung onto your arm. "It's now or never! Just ask your mother!

I'm sure she'll say yes! Say you are going over to Termari's place work on the charity event we are holding! She'll bound to let you!"

You sighed. It wouldn't hurt to ask right? You had just gone through the midyear exams.

You walked back in the house and asked if you could go over to "Temari's" aka Gaara's house.

And after hearing your excuse of "working on a charitable event", she said yes.

---Time skip: To Gaara's house---

"Woah! New Xbox!" Naruto ran his hand along the remotes. "Oh…. So smooth"

You nervously sat down on the couch.

"Where's Temari?" you asked.

There was a long period of silence where Naruto touched the remotes in awe and examined the games and you sat there squirming in the seat in your short shorts.

'Damn, shouldn't have worn short shorts. So uncomfortable…' you though.

"She's going out with Ten Ten. Ten Ten broke up with Neji and Temari said she will stay over at her place till she gets better." mumbled Gaara.

"Oh… and Kankuro?"

There was another awkward silence again until… "Probably out trying to get another girl pregnant at the local bar."

You shifted uncomfortably in your chair. So you were at Gaara's home, with Naruto and Gaara and no one else.

You laughed nervously. "Let's game ne~?"

'Why am I so nervous?' you though to yourself. 'Right… you are the only girl in a guy's home with two guys which you are friends with and you want to game with.'

"Hey! It's left4dead! Let's play yeah?" Without any protest, Naruto put in the disc and let it load. *
Gaara grabbed two more remotes from under the coffee table and tossed one to you. Nervous as you were, you nearly dropped it. Gaara sat next to you.

Naruto laughed at you, "Scared you'll lose ______?" He settled in the seat on your other side.
You huffed, "of course not! Why do you think I'll lose?" although you were not the best gamer, you definitely were a good one. Let's say that is the only link you had to the boys: the love for gaming. You had no curves, no looks and you are not smart nerd, just merely getting A's for your report.

"Why don't this we make a bet then?" smirked Naruto.

You didn't like where this was going. "What bet?" you chewed on your bottom lip nervously.

"What bet? Hmmm, Gaara, are you thinking what I'm thinking?" Naruto's smirk grew wider.

There was a glint in Gaara's emotionless eyes. Wait, what? A glint? In Gaara's emotionless eyes?

Naruto grabbed your chin and pulled tilted your head to look into his blue eyes. His face was so close, his breath was like ramen flavoured feathers tickling your cheek.

"If you win, you get to order us around." He pointed to himself and Gaara. "But if we win…"

This time Gaara tilted your head to face him. He held your face close to his and you could smell the mint on his breath, "You do what we want you to do."

You gulped. "What if your… demands are… well, I can't do it?"

"Oh you'll be able to…" smirked Naruto. "Do we have a deal?"

"Fine." You grumbled.

--- le time skip: after gaming ---

Let say god was working against you today. You were losing BADLY. First you attacked a witch and it clawed away most of your health points. You healed yourself but the tank seemed to fancy you and took you down as well.

"Damn! That's unfair! I want a rematch!" you had just finished a round and you scored the lowest.

"we had over 4 rematches. Admit it, you lost." Naruto stated.


"No buts. Remember the bet we made at the beginning, _____?"

You nodded. You were really nervous now. What can they make you do? Carry their bags to and from school every day of this week? Dare you to wear a skirt and act all girly? You rather it was carry their bags. You haven't worn the school skirt for over a year and you are pretty sure the ice cream you at the night before would break the tiny zip on the side of the skirt.

"Gaara, what can we tell her to do? We won't wanna waste our little win on something useless right?" Naruto asked Gaara. You didn't like this side of Naruto but you didn't dislike it either. Usually he would be bouncing around the room, eager to give out someone's dare already. But this time, he seemed … calm.

"She could get us something we want. Something we both want. And this something only she can give us." Gaara voiced.

You shifted uncomfortably. "W- what do you want?" you asked.

"You." They answered in unison.
First fanfic... want to continue with a LEMON... should I?

*sorry I play l4d on pc so don’t know what happens on xbox

Please comment if possible (although this is redundant since i asked should i continue with the lemon). sorry talk too much.

please correct me of any grammar or spelling mistakes, etc.

Disclaimer: I don't own Gaara, Naruto (they were created by Masashi Kishimoto, that genius!) or L4D (Valve)
Nor do I own you.

Edit: Next chapter is up, don't know how to link so yeah (it's in gallery!)

Edit 2: Second story got taken down because it was deemed inappropriate. Sorry for the inconvenience. If you would like me to send it to you, feel free to send me a note and i'll send it over to you asap;D PLZ PLZ PLZ don't put it in comments, i might not see it and not send it to you, *SEND A NOTE*
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